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using System;
using Structurizr.Api;
namespace Structurizr.Examples
/// <summary>
/// This is an example of how to use the HTTP-based health checks feature.
/// You can see the health checks running at
/// </summary>
public class HttpHealthChecks
private const long WorkspaceId = 39441;
private const string ApiKey = "key";
private const string ApiSecret = "secret";
private const string DatabaseTag = "Database";
static void Main()
Workspace workspace = new Workspace("HTTP-based health checks example", "An example of how to use the HTTP-based health checks feature");
Model model = workspace.Model;
ViewSet views = workspace.Views;
SoftwareSystem structurizr = model.AddSoftwareSystem("Structurizr", "A publishing platform for software architecture diagrams and documentation based upon the C4 model.");
Container webApplication = structurizr.AddContainer("", "Provides all of the server-side functionality of Structurizr, serving static and dynamic content to users.", "Java and Spring MVC");
Container database = structurizr.AddContainer("Database", "Stores information about users, workspaces, etc.", "Relational Database Schema");
webApplication.Uses(database, "Reads from and writes to", "JDBC");
DeploymentNode amazonWebServices = model.AddDeploymentNode("Amazon Web Services", "", "us-east-1");
DeploymentNode pivotalWebServices = amazonWebServices.AddDeploymentNode("Pivotal Web Services", "Platform as a Service provider.", "Cloud Foundry");
ContainerInstance liveWebApplication = pivotalWebServices.AddDeploymentNode("", "An open source Java EE web server.", "Apache Tomcat")
ContainerInstance liveDatabaseInstance = amazonWebServices.AddDeploymentNode("Amazon RDS", "Database as a Service provider.", "MySQL")
// add health checks to the container instances, which return a simple HTTP 200 to say everything is okay
liveWebApplication.AddHealthCheck("Web Application is running", "");
liveDatabaseInstance.AddHealthCheck("Database is accessible from Web Application", "");
// the pass/fail status from the health checks is used to supplement any deployment views that include the container instances that have health checks defined
DeploymentView deploymentView = views.CreateDeploymentView(structurizr, "Deployment", "A deployment diagram showing the live environment.");
deploymentView.Environment = "Live";
views.Configuration.Styles.Add(new ElementStyle(Tags.Element) { Color = "#ffffff" });
views.Configuration.Styles.Add(new ElementStyle(DatabaseTag) { Shape = Shape.Cylinder });
StructurizrClient structurizrClient = new StructurizrClient(ApiKey, ApiSecret);
structurizrClient.PutWorkspace(WorkspaceId, workspace);