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Quickly fold and unfold code by indent.


Here's a blog post on the creation of this plugin, if you're into that sort of thing! This is my first Vim plugin, which means (a) it might be a bit rough around the edges/corner cases, and (b) there's plenty to improve via pull request!


Should work with Pathogen, vim-plug, Vundle, etc. like other plugins.

I use vim-plug, so installation of vim-zipper looks like this in my vimrc:

Plug 'sts10/vim-zipper'

Then don't forget to run :PlugInstall

Note that, for me at least, this plugin works best with foldmethod=indent. Thus it's probably best if you just go ahead and set foldmethod=indent in your vimrc (though the plugin does this for you).

What This Plugin Does

If you don't have a foldmethod set, or it is set to manual, zipper runs set foldenable and sets foldmethod to indent. More on that below.

Then it gives you two basic commands to map: ZipOpen and ZipClosed. ZipClosed is basically just zc-- nothing special as of this version. But ZipOpen is a bit smarter-- it finds the next or previous closed fold and opens that fold. In tandem these commands allow you to quickly close and open folds without moving your cursor.

Do You Need This Plugin?

Vim comes with folding built in by default-- 6 methods of it as of 7.4-- with a variety of commands to manipulate them. The ideal fold setup for you may already be built in to Vim, and if that's the case you wouldn't need vim-zipper. Check out :help folding and :help fold-commands to learn more. Though for example, zj and zk seem particularly useful, though they don't perform the exact same functions as this plugin. But given zj, zk, the other fold-commands, and this Reddit comment as clues, you might be able to build your own remapping that works better for you than what this plugin supplies.

Vim-Zipper's Default Mappings

If you don't have | (<bar>) or \ (<Bslash) mapped already, here is what vim-zipper will map for you:

  nmap <bar> <Plug>ZipClosed
  vmap <bar> <Plug>ZipClosedVisual

  nmap <Bslash> <Plug>ZipOpenNext
  nmap <C-Bslash> <Plug>ZipOpenPrev
  vmap <Bslash> <Plug>ZipOpenVisual

If you have | or \ already mapped (for example, if you haven't mapped your <Leader> to something other than \), vim-zipper will not override those mapping. Instead you'll have to map vim-zipper's commands yourself or map your <Leader> to something other than \ and restart Vim.

Personally I map Leader to Space with the following line in my vimrc: let mapleader = "\<Space>".

I chose \ as ZipOpen and | as ZipClose because they look like a zipper opening and closing.

Things to Know

As mentioned above, this current version of zipper checks if your foldmethod is set to manual and if it is, it runs set foldenable and set foldmethod=indent. Setting foldmethod to anything other than manual or '' in your vimrc should override this.

It also looks like you can override this on a filetype basis in your vimrc with an autocmd, such as:

autocmd FileType python setlocal foldmethod=syntax
autocmd FileType vim setlocal foldmethod=marker

Special Thanks / Inspiration

A good amount of this plugin was adapted from this Stack Overflow answer from user ib.. Also thanks Tim Pope's Commentary plugin, where I copped some plugin tricks.

Pull requests encouraged! Also feel free to hit me up on Twitter.