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Failed to load latest commit information. is a project with a simple goal:
Allow engineers to quickly learn how to do "x" in "y" language.

While programming concepts are universal, syntax is not. This project aims to give users a tool that will allow them to get working quickly on technology stacks that are new to them.

This project can help add to your tool belt, allowing you to easily use the best libraries and frameworks for the task at hand, regardless of your current experience and knowledge.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail


Pull requests are very welcome! All new code should follow the established style.

Currently the focus should be adding new languages, across all the currently included folders/concepts.

New folders/concepts should try to include examples across all supported languages.

Before pull requesting, you should run the command ./

When doing this all your code should compile and run.

Issues can be used to report bugs / request languages and folders.

Here is the current site repo:


Syntax Examples across Languages



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