jQuery port of Nick Stakenburg's pushup.
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jQuery Pushup

jQuery pushup is a direct port of pushup by Nick Stakenburg. It’s designed to use the built in features of jQuery to reduce file-size + unneeded duplication of functions (prototype opacity Vs. jQuery fade).


Download the jQuery pushup and place CSS, JS and images where needed. If you use a different file structure than the on provided than make sure you change the image URL in jquery.pushup.js.

DO NOT rename jquery.pushup.js, it’s file name is used inside the script.

Changes between original

There are quite a few small diferences between this script and the original pushup.js

  • Uses jQuery – duh; but this means smaller file, and easier to read.
  • Allows for changing min browser, want FireFox 2 uesrs to upgrade to 3? Just change jQuery.pushup.browsers.


To change the options open up js/jquery.pushup.js where the beginning of the file will have some options you can change.

  • appearDelay: Delay in seconds before Pushup fades in.
  • fadeDelay: Delay in seconds before Pushup fades out.
  • images: Location of the images relative to jQuery.pushup.js (absolute URL’s are allowed; both http:// and /)
  • message: The update message users will see when their browser needs an update.
  • reminder.hours: Time in hours used when clicked on the reminder message.
  • reminder.message: The reminder message, #{hours} will be replaced by reminder.hours.
  • Bonus jQuery.pushup.browsers is an easier way to change minimum browser versions.


  • jQuery.pushup.init(): This is called on document load, it tests to see if a pushup message should be shown and if so then shows one.
  • jQuery.pushup.show([browser, options]): Shows the pushup message, you can overwrite the browser shown by using the browser: String parameter.
  • jQuery.pushup.hide(): Hides currently shown pushup message.
  • jQuery.pushup.setReminder(hours): Set a cookie that prevents pushup from showing for hours amount of time.
  • jQuery.pushup.resetReminder(): Resets the reminder time so that Pushup will show up on the next visit, if required.


If you don’t want to have the jQuery.pushup.init() called on DOM ready then remove it from the bottom of jquery.pushup.js.


  • Refactor more and reduce bloat.
  • Setup options for show()