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make packages from the Arch User Repository


aur.sh will download every package from the AUR specified as a parameter, and will run makepkg on it with any hyphen-prefixed options. Package files will be downloaded to $BUILDDIR, or the working directory if $BUILDDIR has no value.

Setting your build directory

If you do not want packages to download to your current directory, you can source /etc/makepkg.conf to set any configured BUILDDIR:

$ source /etc/makepkg.conf

and/or change to a temporary directory first:

$ cd `mktemp -d`


Before installing any packages, you should always ensure that your installation is up to date:

# pacman -Syu

Also, to build packages from the AUR, you are expected to have the base-devel package installed. If you aren't sure that you've done so already:

# pacman -S --needed base-devel

Installing packages from the AUR

To install any number of AUR packages and their main repo dependencies, run aur.sh (the site root can be directed straight to bash via curl) with the -s (install package dependencies) and -i (install package after building) options for makepkg:

$ bash <(curl aur.sh) -si [package ...]


Updating AUR packages

To reinstall the latest version of any installed AUR packages, you can pipe the results of a query of non-repo package names to aur.sh, which will then redownload them, build them, and install any builds newer than what you currently have:

$ pacman -Qqm | xargs bash <(curl aur.sh) -si --needed

Get from mirror

http://aur.sh also provides an alternate version of aur.sh that, instead of getting package files from the AUR using curl and tar, gets the files from the pkgbuild.com AUR mirror using wget. If, for some reason, you can't retrieve files from the main Arch User Repository, you can try:

$ bash <(curl aur.sh/alt-aur.sh) -si [package ...]


The -s option to makepkg will not download any package dependencies that come from the AUR, so you will need to make any AUR dependencies you don't already have installed before you try to install their dependants. For example, the yaourt package in the AUR depends on the AUR package package-query, so to install yaourt with aur.sh, you need to specify package-query first:

$ bash <(curl aur.sh) -si package-query yaourt