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PDF-to-HTML conversion for

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This is a forked version of the Poppler PDF library,
containing code specialized for parsing the PDF files
released by Federal Appeals Court web sites.

See README.poppler for the original Poppler readme.  
See INSTALL for compilation instructions.

After compilation, there will be an executable named
altlaw_parse_pdf in the utils/ directory.

Run it like this:

altlaw_parse_pdf input.pdf

It prints an HTML representation of the PDF file to standard output.
The HTML attempts to match the HTML used by the
caselaw corpus.  It does not include metadata tags.

This software was developed by Dana Powers and Stuart Sierra.

Like Poppler, this software is released under the GNU General Public
License, version 2.  See the file COPYING for details.

Links:  -- open source legal research software      -- free legal research database   -- the original code
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