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People often ask us for recommended reading lists; books and websites where they can learn about best practises in web design and development. So here are a selected few!

Web standards / books

Web standards / online books

Web standards / sites

PHP / books

WordPress / books

PHP / sites

  • PHP The Right Way - an excellent summary of current best practises and tools in PHP.
  • PHP Nomad - regular online talks, a great way to learn if you don't have a local PHP user group.
  • PHP Cambridge - local PHP community user group run by our founder Simon R Jones. Come along to hear great speakers talk PHP!

APIs / books

Project Management / books

There's a fantastic reading list over at the University of Minnesota Duluth which is also worth a look.

If you're interested in joining a friendly, independent team of web professionals where we invest in our team through conferences, mentoring and training find out more on our careers page!


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