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How to use Built-In Login and Logout Authentication System in Django
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Django built-In Login Logout, Change Password, Reset Password and Sign Up Registeration

How to use Built-In Login and Logout Authentication System in Django

In this guide, we are going to be focus on Login and Logout Feauture.

Tutorial Link -

How to create Built-In Change Password and Reset Password in Django

In this short tutorial, I will explain how to use Change Password and Reset or Forgot Password Functionality in Django. The process for Password Reset involves sending emails. For that matter, we are going to use console email backend and check if everything is functioning. Follow this tutorial how to send email using SMTP Email Service.

Tutorial Link -

How to Create Sign Up / Registration View in Django

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create Sign Up or Registration Form in Django for User Registration. We will be using UserCreationForm which is an in-built form for User Registration. User Sign Up can be created by the third person or by self. Both the strategics can be achieved by this tutorial. You can get the working application of this tutorial on GitHub

Tutorial Link -


  1. Create a folder and put all the files inside it.
  2. Create a virtual environtment - virtualenv env
  3. Activate VirtualENV - source env/bin/activate
  4. Run requirements.txt - pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  5. Run the Application - python3 runserver
  6. Go to - http://localhost:8000/
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