The shareable stylelint config for stylelint-processor-styled-components
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The shareable stylelint config for stylelint-processor-styled-components

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If you're having problems with stylelint and styled-components, please submit an issue over at the stylelint processor!


When using stylelint-processor-styled-components a couple of stylelint rules throw errors that you cannot prevent. Like 'no-empty-source' or 'no-missing-end-of-source-newline'.

This shareable config will automatically disable rules that cause unresolvable conflicts. Besides those rules vendor prefixed properties and values will throw an error since styled-components automatically generates vendor prefixes for your css. Note that if you want to change any of these rules you can always override them in your stylelint config.


npm install stylelint-config-styled-components --save-dev


The documentation for this config lives on the styled-components website!