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Barasite Eve

This program translates extracted dialogue and text from Parasite Eve, provided by Translation tools. The translation goes for several times between different languages, which may result in bizarre and amusing results.


Installation guide


  • Open your Parasite Eve image file.
  • Most likely you will be asked to specify a track format, try M2/2352, which worked for me. If it doesn't work, try the others that support your image file format.
  • Make sure there's a flie SLUS_006.62 for CD1, and SLUS_006.68 for CD2, the patches provided only work with these versions of the game.
  • Select Track 1 of your opened image file, right click on PE.IMG file in the right section and choose Extract Files..., proceed to extract the file to the directory you want.

Launch DeltaPatcherLite

  • Select PE.IMG as Original file, and one of the provided .xdelta files as XDelta patch.
  • Apply the patch, your PE.IMG should be updated.

Back to CDmage

  • Right click on PE.IMG, select Import File..., choose patched PE.IMG as imported file.
  • Select File - Save As... to save new image file. Leave settings by default. The new image will always be in bin/cue format.
  • Launch this newly created bin/cue on emulator or console, and enjoy bad translation craziness.

Making your own bad translation



  • Follow the README of the Translation tools to extract the data from Parasite Eve.
  • Register on Yandex if required, to get the API translation key, which will be used in the next step.
  • Copy config.js.default file as config.js. Fill the required data and change the language settings if needed.
  • Install the required libraries, in your command line while in the script directory: npm install
  • Launch the script from command line: node main.js
  • Follow the README of the Translation tools to import the translation data into newly created PE.IMG


  • Don't make long translation chains if you use free Yandex API, as it has daily and monthly limits.
  • Resulting translation may fail to import if it's total file size goes over the certain limit, in that case there will be a warning in Translation tools scripts.