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subVersion GTA:O Internal Hack
Copyright 2017 sub1to


		This project started out as a port of subVersion to internal, with parts (of an old version) of
		SudoMod implemented. After having played around with this hybrid for a while and reading
		through the SudoMod code, I decided to re-write a large part. subVersion 2.0 is the result.
		subVersion 2.1 is further modified version that uses direct function calls, instead of the
		previously used native invoker.

		This project uses minhook, but it's not included with the source. You can download minhook at:

//Hack instructions

	//Getting started:
		1.	Start GTAV, load into sp
		2.	Inject subVersion.dll using any injector (First injection in SP, you can unload and re-inject while in MP)
			I prefer Xenos Injector (with manual map)
		3.	GL HF

		Config and log are stored at

	//Default keybinds:
		Numpad -	Toggle menu (show/hide)
		F9		Save settings and close hack (unload)

		Numpad 5	Toggle feature
		Numpad 0	Back

		Numpad 7	Tab Left
		Numpad 9	Tab Right

		Numpad 8	Feature Up
		Numpad 2	Feature Down

		Numpad 4	Slider Left
		Numpad 6	Slider Right

		L		Save current position to active (highlighted) feature

		F5		Teleport to waypoint
		F6		Toggle Noclip
		F7		Toggle Editor Mode
		F8		Give Health
		Left Shift	Super Run / NoClip Up
		Left Ctrl	NoClip Down
		W		NoClip Forward
		S		NoClip Back
		A		NoClip Left
		D		NoClip Right
		E		Editor Action
		DELETE		Editor Delete

		NOTE:		Numlock needs to be enabled.
				KEYS.txt contains a list of valid keys you can use in the ini

MikeRohsoft			Shared lots of information <3
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BluhhBluhhTom			Destroys worlds
Sheogorath			🐌
KingRain			Denies the existence of Lord Gaben.
d3sk1ng				Better than burgerking.
Dom				Mod
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