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Capture Utility, Better Documentation and Configuration File
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Animation Encoder


anim_encoder creates small JavaScript+HTML animations from a series on PNG images. This is a modification of that original post, that adds some actual documentation cleans up the code base a bit and attempts to make it slightly more reliable. So that if anyone actually wants to use this is a project they can get up and running really quickly.

Original details are at

Getting Started (Compiling the Example)

sudo apt-get install pngcrush python-opencv python-numpy python-scipy
python example
firefox example.html

Capturing your own images

Images will be saved to capture, you simply need to run and then go about your task. Note you can just delete frames you don't want as you initially set up, should save you some time. Then to run the program just go


If you need to change any settings it should be pretty simple just jump over to and edit the configuration options.

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