Cell / Neuron Fluorescent Imaging Toolbox for Matlab
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NeuroFIT is under construction!

NeuroFIT is currently under construction. Please be aware that the commits to this repo are intended to demonstrate the current functionality as is. Basically, you can expect everything to work when pressing the run button, without changing any of the parameters, and nothing to work if parameters are changed. Hopefully this message will dissapear soon - when it does, the toolbox should be fully functional. Until then...

Cell / Neuron Fluorescent Imaging Toolbox for Matlab

NeuroFIT is a cell / neuron fluorescent imaging toolbox for Matlab. It has several nice features including:

  • a graphical user interface
  • image z-stack creation from serial sections
  • animated z-stack walkthrough preview
  • automatic cell and background detection
  • automatic cell identification and tracing
  • a variety of pixel intensity statistics
  • image and color channel comparisons
  • quick statistical output
  • open source development!

Preview - Fluorescence Imaging & Cell Autotrace

NeuroFIT Preview

Preview - Automated 3D Reconstruction of Neurons

NeuroFIT Preview