Create the simplest possible Mac OS X apps. Uses HTML5 for the UI. Supports scripting with anything and everything
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Appify UI

Create Mac apps.
Use HTML5 for the UI.
Script it with anything.
Can not possibly be simpler.

What is this?

A Mac app is essentially just an executable file in a folder along with a config file. That's all that is required.

An Appify UI app is

  1. A folder structure
    • That conforms to the Cocoa Application Bundle standard
  2. A config file
  3. A shell script
  4. A compiled binary
    • To load the interface
  5. An interface
    • A compiled nib file with a single WebKit WebView
  6. A url


A shell script that accepts arguments from an HTML form.

It creates a new Appify UI app on your Desktop with the configuration you provide.

The UI could be a lot better. Pull requests eagerly accepted.

Appify UI Node

Instead of just a bash script, this uses node.js.
If node is not found, it quits and opens the node.js download page in your default web browser.
Before launching the webview, it starts up an http server.
When the app is closed, it closes the http server.

To create your own node.js based Mac app...

  1. Duplicate Appify UI Node and give it whatever name you like
    • e.g. My Awesome
  2. Edit My Awesome
    • Each app needs a unique CFBundleIdentifier or else Bad Things may happen
  3. Replace the folder My Awesome with your own node.js app
  4. Make sure that My Awesome exports something with a listen method

How to package a Node.js Mac app for distribution

You could send it around as-is. By default it'll open their web browser and prompt them to install node.js if it's not already installed.

You could probly also package the node binary in the app. I haven't tried this, so please update this README once you do.

How to modify the nib and cocoa binary

The current version uses a heavily modified version of Apache Callback Mac (formerly PhoneGap-mac / MacGap). It's about as simple as you can get.

I may update this section later.

Similar Projects is probably what you should be using. is awesome, but large. makes an app from terminal script, wraps it's output in the GUI window, handles CMD+Q etc