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Releases: suchmememanyskill/themezer-nx

UI overhaul

25 Apr 23:24
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A lot of the ui has been re-organised or re-colored by @Migushthe2nd!


  • Button shortcuts are now displayed in the UI
  • Icons have been added to the side menus
  • The path /switch/NXThemesInstaller/NXThemesInstaller.nro is now an option for the installer nro placement (thanks @FlyingBananaTree)
  • Errors in queries are now displayed to the user, rather than silently ignored


  • The color scheme and iconography now more closely resembles the site's UI
  • Button shortcuts have been expanded, besides L and R now X, Y and minus have an assignment (see above)
  • The queued installs menu now only shows installs that are queued

Minor ux improvements

16 Nov 17:17
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  • Themezer-nx now auto starts at the Packs tab, rather than the All tab
  • The LR buttons can now be used to navigate between pages

Small bugfixes

26 Sep 21:02
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The app now does not redownload themes when installing a theme that already exists on the sd card (note downloading a theme will always redownload the theme). 7/8 Themes in a theme pack also get displayed properly now, with a scroll bar.

Add All and Pack support

23 Aug 18:42
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Added the ability to search for all theme targets and packs specifically as well. The app now starts up with the all target selected. Better error screens have been implemented


  • Some people are unable to connect to the themezer server using this app. If this happens, please check out issue #2

Faster image loading

21 Aug 16:49
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The app now uses the thumb images (smaller resolution images) for the grid overview, and downloads the full preview in the background while in the detail menu

Initial release

21 Aug 14:21
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Initial release. Read readme for usage. The app is best enjoyed with the NXThemesInstaller.nro in the switch folder