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ftdetect Initial syntax file generated using Arduino 1.0.3 Feb 19, 2013
syntax Add support for Arduino 1.5.x and common libraries Apr 27, 2015 Link to vim-polyglot language pack Oct 24, 2015


Love Arduino and Vim? Then use this syntax file and get syntax highlighting for Arduino functions in vim.

This plugin contributes to vim-polyglot language pack.


  • Supports both Arduino IDE 1.0.x and 1.5.x
  • Arduino indent and syntax highlighting
  • Support for libraries provided by the IDE
  • Autocompletion (using omnicomplete)


  • Automatically include keywords from keywords.txt of Arduino User libraries


This plugin follows the standard runtime path structure, and as such it can be installed with a variety of plugin managers:


git clone

Remember to run :Helptags to generate help tags


NeoBundle 'vim-arduino-syntax'


Plugin 'sudar/vim-arduino-syntax'



  • Copy syntax/arduino.vim file into your ~/.vim/syntax directory
  • Copy ftdetect/arduino.vim file into your ~/.vim/ftdetect directory
  • Copy indent/arduino.vim file into your ~/.vim/indent directory


Contributions are always welcome in the form of pull requests with explanatory comments.


  • The syntax file was originally created by Johannes Hoff. I regenerated the file using his python script and added some additional changes on top of it.
  • Arduino 1.5.x support was added by z3t0
  • Support for indent was added by KevinSjoberg

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