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JHipster module, Generate PrimeNG application with all component and their features (86+ components and 17 themes)


This is a JHipster module, that is meant to be used in a JHipster application.

The minimum required version of JHipster is >=5.1.0.(add resources manually for versions < 5.1.0)

This module is used to generate components, using PrimeNG.

To encourage us and if you like the project then click start(💫)


As this is a JHipster module, we expect you have JHipster and its related tools already installed:



First,we need to install yo as below,

yarn global add yo

To install this module:

yarn global add generator-jhipster-primeng

To update this module:

yarn global upgrade generator-jhipster-primeng

With NPM

To install this module:

npm install -g generator-jhipster-primeng

To update this module:

npm update -g generator-jhipster-primeng

Getting Started

  1. Run JHipster-PrimeNG module using yo jhipster-primeng command
  2. Select your favourite theme
  1. Either select component group or individual components
  1. Select your component and navigate to required features

What next?

Please check the road map list If you need a new feature please raise a github request for the discussion.



In your JHipster project, launch yo jhipster-primeng and confirm.