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CS FUN(damentals) Series

This series was developed to teach CS fundamentals to new programmers in a condensed amount of time. The major goal of these lessons is to teach jargon and high-level concepts so that new programmers can recognize "mumbo jumbo" in the industry and have a mental model of concepts to properly communicate with their teammates.

Table of Contents

Most assignments below contain a solutions branch

Lesson Ruby Assignment
Imposter Syndrome
Arrays and Hashes
ADTs, Stacks and Queues sudocrystal/stacks-queues
Sorting and Efficiency sudocrystal/big-o
Intro to Recursion sudocrystal/recursion-tracing
Writing Mergesort sudocrystal/mergesort
Native Array vs Array List sudocrystal/list-implementations
Linked List sudocrystal/list-implementations
Trees sudocrystal/tree-practice
Sets & Maps
Whiteboarding Tips Whiteboarding Recording
Things Every CS Should Know

Powerpoint Presentations

Link to powerpoint presentations: here