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Sugarchain Project

one-CPU-one-vote, the world's fastest PoW blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, Sugarchain has no rounding errors when the block reward is halved.


  1. Sugarchain: one-CPU-one-vote, the world's fastest PoW blockchain

    C++ 118 67

  2. explorer Public

    Forked from iquidus/explorer

    Explorer Sugarchain

    JavaScript 3 12

  3. Forked from MicroBitcoinOrg/ApiServer

    API Server for Sugarchain

    Python 12 20

  4. Forked from volbil/web-wallet

    Simple web wallet

    HTML 12 21

  5. Forked from volbil/blockchain-explorer

    Simple blockchain explorer

    HTML 2 7

  6. Who is in the team, and what's his/her function?

    4 1


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