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SugarCE Add-ons

Today, GitHub is recognized by many as the source code management tool of choice for open source development. Fork, pull, clone, are part of every developer’s vernacular.

This new CE add-on repository will allow you more control when creating your listings. This new repository is for listing and reference purposes only and will not contain any downloadable .zip files. Your source code should be in it's own github repository or another place of your choosing. If you wish to access or use any of the apps provided in this repository, please see TERMS OF USE for details. To list your CE add-on, all you need to do is:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Clone your forked copy so you can work locally
  3. Update the project’s markdown and listing page
  4. Submit a pull request

Make sure to read the FAQ for answers to common questions. Access to will be removed in early March and all requests will be redirected to the new GitHub repository. Please migrate your CE add-ons to the GitHub repository in February to ensure a smooth transition to the new infrastructure.


This is your repository! Everyone is welcome to be involved by creating listings for their add-on, suggest new categories, and otherwise participating in the community. If you would like to contribute, please make sure to review the CONTRIBUTOR TERMS. When you update this README, please check out the contribution guidelines for helpful hints and tips that will make it easier to accept your pull request.

Table of Contents

Account Management

Backup and Recovery


Business Intelligence


Campaign Management

Case Management

CE Code and Zips



  • AlineaSol Chat - AlineaSol Chat is a module that supports chats within the CRM. It allows for both internal (CRM users) and external chats (initiated from company Portal).

Contact Management

  • InsideView for Sales - InsideView Infuses SugarCRM with CRM Intelligence™ - Be Relevant. Sell Smarter. Grow Faster.

Contract Management


Cool Gadgets

Document Creation & Management

  • GroupDocs.Viewer - This plugin for SugarCRM can be used to embed GroupDocs’ high-fidelity online document viewer, GroupDocs Viewer, along with selected documents to your SugarCRM webpages.
  • GroupDocs.Assembly - This plugin lets you embed documents along with GroupDocs’ document assembly app on SugarCRM pages.
  • GroupDocs.Annotation - This plugin lets you embed your preferred documents with GroupDocs’ document annotator on SugarCRM pages.
  • GroupDocs.Signature - Collect signatures online by embedding documents as digital forms.
  • GroupDocs.Comparison - This plugin allows you to compare two versions of a document from within your SugarCRM account.
  • GroupDocs Viewer for .NET Module - This module allows you to integrate a .NET version of GroupDocs' online document viewer into SugarCRM. Open and view PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and over 40 other file formats directly from SugarCRM.
  • GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET - This module integrates a downloadable .NET version of the GroupDocs.Annotation into SugarCRM. It allows you to view, securely share and annotate over 50 common document types, including PDF and Microsoft Word, directly from SugarCRM.
  • GroupDocs HTML5 Document Viewer for Java - Powered by GroupDocs' HTML5 document viewer for Java library, this module allows you to display almost 50 document formats on your SugarCRM sites, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and Outlook, OpenDocument files, CAD graphics and raster images.
  • crm4office - Perform Mail Merge and Generate Reports using OpenOffice and SugarCRM.
  • SugarGraphviz - draw entity diagram relationships of Sugar modules including custom tables.
  • SynoGenerateDoc - create MS Office and Open Office docs on
  • Mail Merge Reports on Create documents in docx, xlsx (MS Office Word and Excel), odt, ods (LibreOffice and OpenOffice) and pdf format without MS Office or others plugins installed from any module and subpanel using templates.
  • SugarPrint - export list, detail, and calendar views on
  • Google sync module - Sync Calendar & Contacts between Google & Sugar - on

Electronic Signatures


Email Marketing

Expense Controls


HR Management

Implementation Services



Knowledge Management

Language Packs

Lead Management

List Management

Marketing Automation



Opportunity Management

Order Management


Project Management

Quotes and Products


Sales Performance Optimization



Survey Tools

System Administration

Task Management

Telephony Integration



Web Self-Service