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Download Pi Image, Unzip, Load image to Micro SD Card

The Image is 8 GB and will take some time to download.

Pi 3b + Dowload Link - Sumcoin ONLY - Raspbian

Version 1

Pi 3b + Download Link - Sumcoin-SUM Bitcoin-BTC Litecoin-LTC - Ubuntu MATE

Version 2

Pi 4 Dowload Link - Sumcoin ONLY - Raspbian

Unzip prior to writing image. Use 64 GB Micro SD or Larger + 1 TB minimum external Hard Drive for block Storage

What is this for?

An out of the box Sumcoin Super-Node for Raspberry Pi made for running a GB ATM's or other Node services.

Running your own Sumcoin Node adds security as an ATM Operator.



An out of the box Raspberry Pi Image with Sumcoin v17 Binaries loaded using Raspbian OS.

  • Prepare the SD Card being written to

Format MUST be FAT32 for any size disk

Recommended disk size

  • Minimum - 32 GB
  • Recommended - 128 GB +

MAKE SURE your SD card is at least 32 GB and formatted to ms-dos FAT32 - IF your SD card is larger than that it MUST be formatted or it will not work!!

SD Card Formatter Tools

Get the zip image, save it on your SD card, unzip and delete the zip folder.

  • Download the image from this release

Write the Image - WINDOWS

Write the Image - MAC

DOWNLOAD - ApplePi-Baker V2 Platform: Mac OS X Filename: ApplePi-Baker-v2.1.3.dmg Version: 2.1.3 Size: 3.9 MiB Date: June 2, 2019


You should now have the Sumnode Image

  • Plug into your Pi.

Sumcoin will load automatically with a unique wallet.dat to the home directory. (You can change this location to external drive also)

Preview FullSizeRender


Navigate to .sumcoin in home dir to configure your ATM or other service in sumcoin.conf (if you don't see it, press control-H to show hidden folders)

You will need to Modify the

  • rpcuser
  • rpcpassword
  • rpcallowip

SAVE - Close, reload the Sumcoin Client

Port Forwarding !

**Make sure to open ports 3332 and 3333 on your Modem/Network for full Node functionality.


See if it's showing (can take an hour for the site to see)

Tailor made for General Bytes ATM's, but usable for any other service as well.



An out of the box Sumcoin Super-Node for Raspberry Pi made for running a GB ATM





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