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v2.0 is here and is definitely the beginning of a new era!!

- Introduction of modules
- Advanced ORM - SDORM (sql/monogo)
- Better Event loop
- Server Framework
- Web Socket Support
- HTTP2.0 Support
- Cache API (memcached/redis)
- Improved Thread/ThreadPool API(s)
- Marker based configuration (Java style annotations)
- Added sample application for techempower benchmarks
- Improved autotools support
- Improved Reflection support
- Improved Serialization support
- Fixed issues related to Date/Time
- Better Logging support
- Faster server engine

- ./ (Setup configure for your platform)
- ./configure (Setup makefiles)
- Stretch a bit :-)
- make all (Build ffead-cpp)
- Sip some coffee
- make build-apps (Build the sample applications in web + generate ffead-cpp binary)
- cd ffead-cpp-2.0-bin/ (Navigate to the ffead-cpp binary folder)
- ./ (Startup ffead-cpp Njoy!!)

v2.0 will bring better documentation to the world of ffead-cpp
v2.0 also outlines interfacing support for multiple platforms!

Stay tuned for further updates!!
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