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You need Python 3.9 to run this thing. It's split into two apps, the asset server that produces images on demand from the astool package cache, and the web server that produces the pages.

Setting Up

I recommend using docker - (almost) ready-made configs are available in the variants folder. Your docker-compose command will probably look like:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml \
    -f variants/ \
    -f variants/config.postgres.yml [build/up etc...]

You will need to make the following edits to the configs:

  • postgres: update both instances of AS_POSTGRES_DSN to point at the right hostname. It's usually xxxxx_db_1, where xxxxx is the name of the folder you cloned this repo into (such as arposandra).
  • dev: Change AS_IMAGE_SERVER to point at the right hostname. Do not use a docker-internal host because your browser will request images from it.
  • General: You should also change the mounts to point at the right directories on your computer. "./arena/astool_server_specific_fixme" should point to a folder containing the "masters" folder.
  • Alternatively, just create the symlink "./arena/astool_server_specific_fixme" that points to the right place.

If you want to run the tools in the utils image, you need to follow the instructions to clone astool in the maintenance directory.

Application Configuration

See doc/

Adding New Pages

The web app code lives in the captain directory. The basic flow to add a new page is like this:

  1. Decide whether the page should go in a new py file. Pages that are similar in function should share a file.
    • If you make a new file, you need to import it in captain/
  2. Create the RequestHandler subclass. Please look at the Tornado docs to see what you can do here.
  3. Use the dispatch.route decorator to add URLs to your page. Example:
    from tornado.web import RequestHandler
    from .dispatch import route
    class SomePage(RequestHandler):
        def get(self, param):
            self.write(f"Hello world! Your number was {param}.")

Frontend code (Sass and JS)

The CSS and Javascript code is in frontend/. Starting the js-dev docker container (defined in variants/ will set up webpack-dev-server for you. No need to do anything on the host side anymore.

Remember to change the AS_WDS_HOST environment variable in to either localhost, or an accessible host if testing on other devices.


See doc/

Asset Server

This section has been moved to skyfarer/


Source code for Tornado app; React interactive components.







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