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A theme modified based on Landscape-plus theme based on Landscape theme, with some papers and a paperbox. The motivation is for my personal use. Hexo version is 3.1.1, nodejs v4.2.6.


  • Paper-like Appearance - Make you focus on the contents.
  • Responsive Design - min-width is 320px, ensure the normal display for iPhone 4-5s.
  • Bug fixs - fixed many bugs, including paginator in archive, share button, mobile nav, etc.

Modifications on Landscape-plus

  • Integrated Swiftype Search - You need to specify swiftype_key in _config.yml to enable it.
  • Removed Bdshare - There are conflicts between bdshare and swiftype search, for example, the more button in bdshare is invalid when swiftype is enabled.
  • Landscape share Enhancement - Replaced Pinterest with Linkedin, added 4 Chinese SNS share buttons.
  • Support Mathjax - Requires the hexo-renderer-kramed plugin, and hexo-renderer-marked should be removed. You need to enable it using mathjax: true in _config.yml.
  • Block Disgusting Browsing inside Weixin - You can enable it using wx_block: true in your _config.yml, otherwise Weixin will render your article in a disgusting way! (Unless you have a public weixin account.)
  • Table of Contents (TOC) - Should config toc: true in .md files, serial numbers of titles is not displayed by default.

Browser Support

  • IE 9+ and the current versions of other browsers
  • DO NOT support weixin's inside browsing

People Using Paperbox

see Examples

基于基于Landscape主题的Landscape-Plus主题由本人修改的主题,主要目的是自己使用,Hexo版本是3.1.1,nodejs 4.2.6


  • 纸张外观 - 使你专注于文章内容
  • 响应式设计 - 最小宽度为320px,确保了在iPhone 4到5s的320x*分辨率的正常显示
  • 诸多bug修复 - 修复了包括archive分页显示,原主题在分享按钮、mobile nav界面、分页条等的诸多细节bug


  • 增加Swiftype站内搜索 - 需在配置文件中设置swiftype_key
  • 移除百度分享 - 因为不明原因(可能是全局变量?)与Swiftype冲突,先执行的js功能正常,后执行的js会出问题,如百度分享的更多按钮点击无效
  • Landscape原主题分享增强 - 将Pinterest更改为Linkedin,增加四个国内社交网站:微博,人人,QQ空间,微信
  • 支持Mathjax - 需安装hexo-renderer-kramed插件,并移除hexo-renderer-marked。在_config.yml配置mathjax: true以启用
  • 屏蔽微信内置浏览 - 在_config.yml中设置wx_block: true即可屏蔽微信内置浏览, 否则你的文章会变成一团糊(除非你有认证的微信公众号)
  • 增加文章目录(TOC)显示 - 需在文章中设置toc: true,默认不显示编号


  • IE9+和目前版本的其它浏览器
  • 不支持微信内置浏览