A script to create samples of installed vim color schemes
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Vim Color Scheme Test Ruby


The original script by maverick.woo ( https://code.google.com/p/vimcolorschemetest/ ) is written in Perl and the build works on Windows systems. I wanted to add some new features, but as I'm not very confident with Perl I preferred to start over with a new Ruby version instead of forking his project.

What it does

The script loads all your colorschemes from your default vim directory (~/.vim/colors), and writes into the output dir an HTML file for each colorscheme, with a render of a Ruby file using this colorscheme. It also writes a different copy for each language present in the samples/ directory. It also builds an index page for each language, with a showcase of how the colorschemes render the sample code.

What it needs to run

  • ruby
  • macvim

What still needs to be done

  • Separate light and dark colorschemes
  • Make this work with versions of vim different from MacVim
  • Add the vim colorschemes to the project dir
  • Add links to download the vim colorschemes


ATM, the script uses a vim server named VIMCOLORS and sends it remote commands. This was made to make it faster, because opening a single macvim instance for each script required too much time. However, the --remote-send command of vim doesn't wait for previous remote-sends to be completed, so I had to add a "sleep 1" command in the script to prevent it from messing up the execution flow. Any hint to solve this is greatly appreciated.