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Ember (**EMBE**dded **R**uby) is an <<eRuby>> template processor that allows
debugging, reduces markup, and improves composability of eRuby templates.

=== Features

* Reports correct line numbers in error message stack traces.

* Omits newlines trailing code-only `<%% ... %>` directives.

* Can infer missing `<%% end %>` directives based on indentation.

* Can unindent eRuby block bodies hierarchically.

* Implemented in <%= `sloccount lib/ember/template.rb`[/^\d+/] %> lines of
  pure Ruby.

=== Resources

Project website::
<%= @proj_home_url = Ember::WEBSITE %>

Announcements feed::
<%= @ann_feed_url = File.join(@proj_home_url, 'ann.xml') %>

API documentation::
<%= @api_docs_url = File.join(@proj_home_url, 'api/') %>

Source code (browse online, download, or checkout)::
<%= @code_repo_url = '' %>

Issue tracker (report bugs, request features, get help)::
<%= @bug_track_url = File.join(@code_repo_url, 'issues') %>
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