An Android game based on tetris
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An Android game based on tetris

It is 2-player, with a 1-player human vs AI mode. 

One player is the prisoner (a cute innocent android). He starts at the bottom of the dungeon, and wants to escape through the top. He does so by climbing platforms left behind by falling tetris blocks. 

The second player is the dungeon master. He drops tetris blocks onto the dungeon floor, and his goal is to blow up the prisoner. Every time a full row of tetris blocks are completed, they explode, and the prisoner will lose if he is caught in the explosion. 

The prisoner has the ability to grab and move blocks dropped by the dungeon master in order to prevent him from successfully completing rows and force him to build higher and higher. Once the dungeon master is no longer able to spawn more tetris blocks (he loses the game of tetris), the dungeon ceiling opens and the prisoner is able to climb to the top and escape. 

Controls: Both players' controls consist of touch gestures and can be done anywhere on the screen. 

Drag Left/Right to move. (if your device supports it, the pressure (or surfacearea) you apply to the screen determines your run speed)
Drag Up to jump.
Drag Down to drop through platforms.
Tap to Grab/Release a block.
Platforms are white dotted lines and can be jumped through. Walls are green solid lines and are impenetrable. 

Dungeon Master:
Drag Left/Right to move block.
Drag Up to rotate block.
Drag Down to drop block.
Tap to accelerate block. 

To start a game, one player must select 'Host Game', after which the second player selects the host's device from the list.
The host starts out as the prisoner, and the second player plays as dungeon master. Both players switch roles between every game.

If you wish to disconnect from a player, please select 'Quit Game' from the options menu.
The 'Forfeit Game' option has not yet been implemented.

Note: as for right now, devices must be paired over bluetooth to play with each other.

credit for the android sprites goes to
credit for the explosion sprites goes to
Single player AI is based on Pierre Delacherie’s Tetris algorithm.

If you have trouble connecting to a peer, first close the app using the back button, then switch bluetooth off then back on again. If the connection still fails, you may need to reboot your device.