Automatic Retina Image Handling for Rails 3.1+
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Clear Eyes

This makes is super easy to handle Retina images in your Rails 3.1+ apps. It adds r_image_tag that can be used in place of the existing image_tag and it'll automatically serve up Retina images to devices that can handle the resolution and normal images otherwise.

How to Use it

In your Gemfile:

gem 'clear_eyes'

In your application.js:

//= require clear_eyes


= r_image_tag('my_awesome_image@2x.jpg')

This assumes that my_awesome_image@2x.jpg is sized properly for retina images. Remember, Retina images are double the pixel density of standard images.

Now that you have Retina-ready images and a way to serve them up in your views, what about non-retina machines?

There's a rake for that! You only need to create one image (the Retina one).

Running this: rake clear_eyes:convert will convert create non-retina images from the images in app/assets/images. It's even take care of the file names! Pretty cool right? So, my_awesome_image@2x.jpg will automatically be copied, downsized and named my_awesome_image.jpg.

NOTE rmagick "~> 2.13.1" must be added to your Gemfile for this to work. It is not included by default in order to avoid adding rmagick to your production environment.

You can thank me later.


Please contribute! The community is much smarter than me and your help would be appreciated!

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