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SuperCollider Quarks

Quarks are packages for the Super Collider music language

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UnitTests for the Common library

Updated May 24, 2016

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GLOBOL 2009, a little language with only globol variables on the server

Updated May 18, 2016

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A library of interacting clocks, developed for the Virtual Gamelan Graz.

Updated May 18, 2016


talk to objects over the network

Updated May 18, 2016

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Simplify synchronisation of networks and make it easy to join and quit a running session.

Updated May 18, 2016

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various language additions, GUI classes and moreMain features: SimpleMIDIFile, SVG, RoundButton, SmoothSlider, AutoBackup

Updated May 6, 2016

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Tendency masks for the language side, with Pattern support

Updated Apr 26, 2016


Directory of community contributed Quarks for SuperCollider

Updated Apr 17, 2016

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Lose Control, Gain Influence.

Updated Apr 14, 2016

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Variety of classes too small, too general or too experimental for separate quarks.

Updated Apr 2, 2016

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Some extensions to the common JITLib classes

Updated Mar 20, 2016

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Read an MP3 file or stream, or write an MP3 file

Updated Mar 9, 2016

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Tunings archive from scala (

Updated Jan 8, 2016

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record sound or controller events for flexible playback.

Updated Dec 29, 2015

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Some mathematical extensions to SuperCollider

Updated Dec 28, 2015

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A downloadable compilation of SuperCollider Quarks

Updated Dec 18, 2015

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An Environment based GUI and control package

Updated Dec 2, 2015

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Classes for using various controllers with JITlib

Updated Nov 27, 2015

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playback of soundfiles from disk or RAM. with simple envelope, voices and looping. the \'giga\' sampler class (RedDiskInSamplerGiga) is useful for massive sample libraries that will not fit in ram. it preloads a bit of the beginning of all the soudfiles and streams the rest from disk when needed

Updated Nov 24, 2015

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red system including mixers, effects, instruments, presets, tools, gui

Updated Nov 24, 2015

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