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SUPERSEDE project: Dynamic Adaptation and Personalization DM support and Enactment

This repository contains code, artefacts, configuration, and so on, developed in SUPERSEDE T3.4 and T4.2, that provides techniques and tools supporting the dynamic adaptation and personalization decision making and enactment.

See deliverables D4.4 and D4.5 in Supersede Portal for more details about this framework, including its functional description, its architecture and its components.

Repository Structure:

  • DM: Components of the runtime dynamic adaptation DM platform
  • Enactment: Components of the runtime dynamic adaptation enactment platform
  • PoC: subfolders provide experimental Proof-of-Concepts on especific technology investigated and/or adopted in the development of the runtime DM and Enactment dynamic adaptation platform
  • Scenarios: subfolders provide input artifacts for Atos and Siemens scenarios on runtime DM and Enactment support for dynamic adaptation
  • UpdateSite: Eclipse update site for installing the Eclipse plugins developed as part of this framework
  • YAFMT: Supersede extension to the YAFMT feature model.

Dynamic Adaptation and Personalization Decision Making and Enactment framework is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Please check the respective for details.

Main contact: Jesús Gorroñogoitia

Project funded by the European Union