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Replan Optimizer

The optimizer has the purpose of generating a release plan. It has been developed as a stateless web service that given all the required information generates a release plan that preserving the stated constraints optimizes the use of the company resources to develop the next release.


The following steps describe the installation procedure for the Replan optimizer v2

Compilation instructions

  1. Clone the SUPERSEDE Replan Git repository.
  • git clone https://github.com/supersede-project/replan_optimizer_v2
  1. Build the project.
  • ./gradlew build

Installation instructions

  1. Copy the dashboard war file to the Tomcat directory.
  • cp <generated WAR> <CATALINA_HOME>/webapps/
  1. Run Tomcat.
  • cd <CATALINA_HOME>/bin/
  • ./start_up.sh

Contact: David Ameller dameller@essi.upc.edu