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*                    Chou Soujuu Mecha MG Translation Pack                     *

This repository contains all the resources for my partial translation patch of
the DS game Chou Soujuu Mecha MG. It includes a complete build system that
replaces all game text and images containing text; the only reason it's not a
full translation is that I have no one to translate the script.

*                              Building the Game                               *

To use this, you'll need a Unix-like system with the following utilities
* GCC + make
* Wine -- used to run the included ndstool binary that builds the output
  ROM. I tried using the Unix port of ndstool, but the filesystems it generates
  don't run on real hardware (my speculation is that it alphabetizes the file
  name table using Unix conventions, but the DS firmware expects Windows
  This is also used for CUE's DS compression tools, purely due to laziness.
* ImageMagick (i.e. the "convert" and "composite" tools).
First, you'll need a Chou Soujuu Mecha MG ROM (MD5 sum
ccd7052931e3ae09cb4505d19d16c738). Extract the filesystem with ndstool or some
other utility, and put the contents (i.e. the subfolders "ba", "decor", "etc",
and so on) in a folder named "data". Place "data" in the "gamefiles" folder.

Now run This should output the English ROM as csmmg_en.nds.
The build process will probably take a while due to some heavy-duty image
image editing operations plus the time needed to compress hundreds of files.

*                                Resource List                                 *

  Source code for ASM modifications. Not used in build process (hacks are pre-
  applied). If you need to build these, you'll need GCC built with ARM support.


  Contains game script as SJIS-formatted CSV files.
  Due to the way the game structures its executable scripts, these contain both
  the game text and various other strings, including character portrait
  identifiers and debug output. _Only_ the actual game text should be edited!
  Changing anything else will cause problems.

  Text boxes must be one-to-one with the original script, i.e. you get one
  English box per Japanese box and no more. Due to the VWF hack, space shouldn't
  be a big issue, though.
  Also note that the original scripts were optimized to recycle strings within
  the same script wherever possible, so e.g. a single message of "はい。" may be
  used multiple times in different contexts; I programmed the script extractor
  to print every instance to keep the script readable (if you want to read it
  without the repetition, see extracted_condensed). IIRC it's possible to
  add additional strings to circumvent this if necessary, but you'll need to
  adjust the "References" column to reflect the changes.
  New fonts.
    12x12: New variable-width 12x12 font used for menu text.
    12x12-ascii: New variable-width 12x12 font used for mission text.
      The original game uses an odd optimization where the full font is
      unloaded during mission cutscenes to save memory. In its place, a special
      font containing only the characters needed for that cutscene is loaded.
      Thus, this ASCII font is automatically injected into every cutscene's
      font to allow English characters to be used everywhere.
  Contains images used for translation.
  See index.txt for some notes.
    cabinarchive/163/multi: Title screen.
    kar: "img" folder contains translated images, "img_orig" contains originals.
      bg: Backgrounds shown on mission select screen.
      roboimage: Mecha preview images shown in shops and menus.
      ShopStartTop: Shop intro screens.
      StaffText: Credits.
      Character2Cell2: Mission complete/failed messages.
      txt00Cell4: Pause menu.
    opb: Mostly menus.
    workshop: Icons used to replace original kanji logos for each workshop.

  Menu text. CSV files in same format as bvm/extracted.