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911bot is a chatbot specifically meant to be helpful for remote workers in an emergency. When you are remote and something happens to you and your teammates are aware, they might have trouble getting you the help you need. So we created an emergency contact info bot in memory of Simon Hancock

The goals are as follows

  • Provide information on how to contact a Surgeon's local emergency services and contact person
  • Be as respectful of maintaining the secrecy of personal information as possible

By default 911bot integrates with Slack and provides a chat interface for storing emergency contact information and retrieving information on someone. Users are actively discouraged by the bot from retrieving information for any non-emergency purposes and any access is logged and notified. All contact information is accessible only to the system administrator.


To interact with the bot send a direct message to @911bot with the text help. You can then interact with it via the store-contact command.

When storing your info you might consider how someone who saw you collapse on a call for example might go about getting you help. So for example you might type

@911bot> store-contact First try my wife Laura at xxx-xxx-xxxx or my brother at xxx-xxx-xxxx.
         The local 911 service number is xxx-xxx-xxxx, I usually work from either home (123
         First St Apt 2, New Orleans) or the local co-working space (555 Main St, New Orleans).
         My cell phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

This information will be stored by `@911bot`. You can access a user's information by messaging the bot with the emergency @username command which will walk you through a short prompt confirming that this is indeed a legitimate emergency. In order to encourage using this only for true emergencies all access of emergency information will be recorded and the user will be notified when and by whom their information is requested.

You can check your currently stored info by typing store-contact by itself and check who has accessed your info with list-access.

Running 911Bot

Default storage method is DiskStorage, which requires write access to the current directory where the bot is run. See below to use alternate (S3 storage is available).

  1. Create a new bot under "Custom Integrations"
  2. Set the environment variable SLACKBOT_API_TOKEN to the API token
  3. Install requirements: python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Start: python

Running a health check:

  1. From your team's admin page, create a test user. (One way is to send an invitation to your own email account.)
  2. Give the user a test token under "Test Token Generator".
  3. define HEALTHCHECK_SLACK_TOKEN with the value of the test token you just generated.
  4. run python - This process will return 0 if check succeeded

Storage Methods

If BOT911_STORAGE_METHOD environment variable is not set, default is DiskStorage, set in ./bot/storage/ Alternate value is S3Storage for using AWS S3.


Environment Variables:

CONTACT_DIRECTORY=<directory to store <userId>.json files> # default: 'contacts'


NOTE: 911bot will not create the bucket, so create the bucket yourself, a user if need be, and obtain an AWS Access Key and Secret. Set the following environment variables.

Environment Variables:

    AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<key used directly by boto3>
    AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<secret used directly by boto3>
    BOT911_S3_BUCKET=<name of a PRE-EXISTING bucket for <userId>.json blobs>


911bot supports storage of the contact either on disk or in S3. To create other storage targets or methods see the ./bot/storage directory.

  1. Create particular storage class in ./bot/storage/. It should descend from the Storage class in ./bot/storage/
  2. A new storage class can be created by implementing _getRecord(..) and _storeRecord(..).
  3. Add the class to storageTypes in ./bot/storage/
  4. The BOT911_STORAGE_METHOD env variable cooresponds to the key in the storageTypes object.


To set up a personal testing environment, create a new slack team with a user and a bot: the former for the health check, the latter for the 911bot.

Deployment with Docker

docker build -t 911bot .
docker volume create --name contacts # or however you want to do it


docker run -d --name 911bot \
    -e BOT911_STORAGE_METHOD="DiskStorage" \
    -v contacts:/contacts 911bot


docker run -d --name 911bot \
    -e BOT911_S3_BUCKET=<S3 BUCKET NAME> \
    -e BOT911_STORAGE_METHOD="S3Storage" \


See docs/


See design document.


A 911 bot in memory of Simon Hancock




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