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An implementation of Seq2Seq that actually works. I want to make it easy for people to train their own seq2seq model with any corpus. I am also adding the parameters of my trained model for people to just use it without training. If you have a model that works share your model params here, as external link or do a pull request. I have used Cornell Movie Dialog Corpus to train my model. A link to preprocessed data and scripts for preprocessing can be found in this repo.

Have Fun!

Update 1.1.2017

I have created another repository - practical_seq2seq to experiment with the seq2seq model. The new model trained on Twitter chat log and Cornell Movie Dialog corpus performs well. I wrote an article - Practical seq2seq, explaining the code.

Happy New Year, 2017


  • Create temporary working directory prior to training
mkdir working_dir
  • Download test/train data from Cornell Movie Dialog Corpus
cd data/


# edit seq2seq.ini file to set 
#		mode = train
# or use custom ini file
#		python my_custom_conf.ini


# edit seq2seq.ini file to set 
#		mode = test


# configuration : seq2seq_serve.ini
python ui/
# wait until this message shows up
#		"Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)"
# open up the address in browser, chat with the bot