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Simple Zabbix template to monitor kafka clusters.
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Simple Zabbix template to monitor kafka clusters. This template is strongly based on @helli0n kafka-monitoring, but instead of using a custom discovery script it uses the built-in JMX discovery. The JMX item protocol has changed since version 3.4, this template uses the new syntax.


Zabbix Java Gateway

Before using this template, you'll need to install and configure Zabbix Java Gateway. You can quickly install it through most packet managers:

yum install zabbix-java-gataway


apt-get update && apt-get install zabbix-java-gateway

You also need to configure Zabbix Server to communicate with the Java Gateway


You need to enable the JMX port on every Kafka node. You can do so by adding the following string to the $KAFKA_JMX_OPTS env variable:$PORT

Change $PORT with the chosen JMX port.


On Zabbix you simply need to add a JMX interface to each of the Kafka cluster's node. The JMX port is the same used to bootstrap Kafka on every node.

Discovery Rules

There are some discovery rules in order to automatically discover some informations. By default, the metrics related to the __consumer_offset topic won't be picked up. You can enable it by removing the {#JMXTOPIC} Macro filter in the related discovery rules.

Consumers, Producers, ...

At the moment, this template is for broker metrics only. If you want to include metrics from consumers, procuders, etc etc, you're free to put up a merge request.

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