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You’ve been meaning to do it for so long. Now is the time!! Treat yourself to some writing time.

What is Writing Club?

Writing Club is an hour every week when you can push aside all your other responsibilities and just do some writing alongside other writing enthusiasts!

How do I join?

Head over to the Hipchat room “Writing Club” and ask someone there to add you to the recurring calendar invite.

Decide what your cadence will be—weekly? Every other? Monthly? Commit to your cadence out loud in the Hipchat room.

What are the rules?

No Guilt. Fully commit to coming, or fully commit to doing something else with your hour.

Library rules during Writing Club: no talking once we get started. Keep eating and drinking quiet and brief. Don’t @-mention people in the room.

That’s it!

What are the suggestions?

Before the hour, think about what you want to do with it. Write a specific piece? Publish a languishing draft? Generate some ideas? Free write and see what comes out? Analyze a great piece to see what you like about it?

Cut off distractions. Writing is hard! Your lizard brain will reach for distractions. Turn off Hipchat, block Twitter, install Forest on your phone.

You can write about whatever you like! Doesn’t have to be about work stuff.

Share your work with the group for feedback in the Hipchat room. It’s so fun to see what everyone’s working on!

Some ideas to get you started

Write for the person you were a year ago. What have you learned?

If you give the same advice three times, turn it into a blog post.

This is an incredible list of idea prompts:


Guidelines for the Writing Club I started at work






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