Released in 2017, a new monospace typeface from The League of Moveable Type
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League Mono

League Mono

============= by Tyler Finck

Monospace/variable font fun.

League Mono is a mashup of sorts, inspired by some beautiful forms found in both Fira Mono, Libertinus Mono, and Courier(?!).

May 2018 update: League Mono has been made a variable font: League Mono Variable A and B

Use the one TTF file called LeagueMonoVariable.ttf for 40 predefined styles of League Mono. Then tweak the weight or width (from condensed – 50 – to extended – 200 - with various weights – 30 through 200).

League Mono Variable Slider Play with it at

Or you can use the OTF / TTF styles (above) for individual weights/widths if you don’t want to deal with the Variable version just yet. I made a cheat sheet:

League Mono Variable Cheat Sheet

Your options:

  • Thin Condensed
  • UltraLight Condensed
  • Light Condensed
  • Regular Condensed
  • Medium Condensed
  • SemiBold Condensed
  • Bold Condensed
  • ExtraBold Condensed
  • Thin Narrow
  • UltraLight Narrow
  • Light Narrow
  • Regular Narrow
  • Medium Narrow
  • SemiBold Narrow
  • Bold Narrow
  • ExtraBold Narrow
  • Thin Normal
  • UltraLight Normal
  • Light Normal
  • Regular Normal
  • Medium Normal
  • SemiBold Normal
  • Bold Normal
  • ExtraBold Normal
  • Thin Wide
  • UltraLight Wide
  • Light Wide
  • Regular Wide
  • Medium Wide
  • SemiBold Wide
  • Bold Wide
  • ExtraBold Wide
  • Thin Extended
  • UltraLight Extended
  • Light Extended
  • Regular Extended
  • Medium Extended
  • SemiBold Extended
  • Bold Extended
  • ExtraBold Extended

League Mono Variable Animation

Personal note: Support for variable fonts is still being implemented across different apps/browsers. In my brief experience here, you don’t need to install the variable font AND individual styles. It’s one or the other. If you’re using variable fonts on the web I find text-rendering: geometricPrecision; to help with readability.

It is still being refined as of the latest big update: June 07, 2018.