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The League of Moveable Type

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  1. league-gothic league-gothic Public

    A revival of an old classic, Alternate Gothic #1

    Makefile 908 100

  2. raleway raleway Public

    An elegant variable sans-serif, with 9 static weights and Italics.

    610 57

  3. league-spartan league-spartan Public

    A fantastic new revival of ATF's classic Spartan, a geometric sans-serif that has no problem kicking its enemies in the chest.

    560 59

  4. ostrich-sans ostrich-sans Public

    A gorgeous modern sans-serif with a very long neck.

    CSS 454 41

  5. junction junction Public

    Our first open source type project, expanding a humanist sans-serif typeface, Junction.

    414 46

  6. league-mono league-mono Public

    A monospace typeface inspired by Fira Mono, Libertinus Mono, and Courier.

    411 22


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