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Muddy's plan done landed you and your partner in the hoosegow. Now you're fixing to rectificate the matter before the marshal introduces you to the business end of a hangin' rope at dawn.
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What is this?

This is the source code to "Hoosegow", an interactive fiction
game (or more commonly known as "text adventure".)

It was originally written by Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman in the
winter of 2009-2010.  The code is now released under the "Creative
Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0" license, which
you can find in the LICENSE file.

The game is written in the Inform 7 language.  You can download the
compiler and IDE as a single package from here:

When compiled, the source code produces a bytecode file which can be
executed on any implementation of a Z machine interpreter; we
typically tell Inform to compile it to a .z8 file.

The game's source code lives in a single file called ''.

To play the game:

To play the game "live" in your web browser, visit:

To build the game:

1. Create a working Inform project from your source tree:

  $ hg clone URL hoosegow
  $ cd hoosegow
  $ mv hoosegow.inform/ moo.inform/

  [...launch Inform, create new project in this dir called 'hoosegow'...]

  $ cp moo.inform/Source/ hoosegow.inform/Source/
  $ cp moo.inform/uuid.txt hoosegow.inform/
  $ rm -rf moo.inform/

2. Copy the included .i7x files to wherever the Inform environment
expects to find extension modules:

  - on Mac, this is usually ~/Library/Inform/Extensions/.  On Windows
    or Linux, the location will be slightly different.  We'll let you
    figure it out.

  - create a directory called "David Fisher" in the Extensions
    directory, then copy 'Default Messages.i7x' file into it.

  - create a directory called "Eric Eve" in the Extensions directory,
    then copy the 'Adaptive Hints.i7x' file into it.

3. Launch the Inform IDE and load the hoosegow.inform project.  The
source code should be visible, and it should compile fine.  Make sure
that Inform's Settings tab are are set to "z8" as the target VM.

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