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Find and copy all the .so / .dll files required by an executable
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copydeps - copy a program's dependencies (.so / .dll files)

copydeps is a small program that can be used to find and copy all .so / .dll
files needed by a program to run. This can be useful when you want to bundle
an application together will all its dependencies.

Usage: copydeps [options...] EXECUTABLE [TARGET-DIR]
  EXECUTABLE can be one of the following supported formats:
  - 32-bit ELF
  - 64-bit ELF
  - i386 Microsoft Windows executable
  - x86_64 Microsoft Windows executable
  TARGET-DIR specifies the directory to copy the .so / .dll files to.
  When omitted, defaults to the directory of the target executable.

Program options:
--blacklist PATTERN
  Add PATTERN to the built-in blacklist (.so / .dll names that should not
  be resolved nor copied over).
  Print the list of dependencies without actually copying the .so / .dll files.
  Include the directory of the executable in the .so / .dll resolve paths.
  Files found in the exedir are preferred over those in system paths.
  Do not overwrite .so / .dll files already existing in the target directory.
--search-dir DIRECTORY
  Add DIRECTORY to the list of paths to search when resolving .so / .dll names.
  User-specified directories take precedence over system paths.
  Print the names of the dependencies as they're being copied over.
--whitelist PATTERN
  Add PATTERN to the whitelist (.so / .dll names that should always be resolved
  and copied over). The whitelist takes precedence over the blacklist.

- cp
- objdump
- python3 >= 3.5
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