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This project is a hassle-free cloud connected lighting system that interfaces with standard light switches via a 3D printed lightswitch cover with a built-in servo mount (see 3DModels/ for STL and OpenSCAD code).

This project uses an ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller along with my conduit IoT service/library to expose switching functionality that can be called via a RESTful API from anywhere in the world!

The whole stack for this project--including firmware, hardware, server (see my conduit repo), client web appliction, and physical 3D printed components were designed and built from the ground up.


  • 3DModels/: OpenSCAD code for lightswitch cover
  • firmware/: Firmware for the ESP8266 microcontroller
  • web/: ReactJS web interface to interact with conduit to call functions & get data from the ESP8266 chip