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This Repo Has Been Archived

this repo has been archived - pls head to to contribute recipes!

you can now see the recipes here!

Table of Contents


MVP repo to just start collecting recipes for Svelte Community. The core inspiration is

All examples have some variation "with Svelte" appended to them in an attempt to optimize for searchability.

NOTE: This is a new project! What you see below is an evolving work in progress. Please see Project Goals for more. We actively need contributions of ideas and content!

Newcomers to Svelte should:

  1. go thru the Svelte tutorial (30 mins)
  2. read thru the Svelte docs (30 mins)
  3. or go thru the Svelte workshop (3 hrs)

Other Recipe collections

we dont need to be the only collection, happy to link to others too

Table of Contents