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Passing locale as param does not work with rails 3.2.3 #36

klobuczek opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Looks like passing locale in params does not work with rails 3.2.3 anymore.


I also had issue with 3.2.3.


Indeed I have the same issue when running rspec tests in Rails 3.2.3. Rails 3.2.2 works correctly.


Could one of you provide a failing test case or a small rails app exhibiting this behaviour?


I couldn't reproduce the problem by adding a test case to router-filter unit tests. It seem to appear only in combination of rails 3.2.3 and rspec.
This line:
get :edit, id:, locale: :de
will properly set the locale in rails 3.2.2 but not 3.2.3.
In non test mode locale params seems to be recognized properly even in rails 3.2.3.


I've tracked the source of the problem down to this commit in rails/rails@275ee0d

The merging of the additional controller parameters in the test environment has been removed there.

Haven't found a way around that though. Any ideas are appreciated


I'm running into this as well, any updates or workarounds?


Use Rails 3.2.2 :)


Changing line 64 of filters/locale.rb from

locale = params.delete(:locale) 


locale = params[:locale]

seems to fix this issue for RSpec at least, but I can't tell if it's going to affect anything else (filtered routes are still working properly in my development app) and I can't get the routing-filter tests to run here.


Ok, I just spent a couple of hours to this issue and my conclusion is that it was a lucky coincidence that these tests ever worked. What happend on Rails <= 3.2.2 is basically this:

1) Duplicate the params hash and directly assign it as the ActionController::TestCase params hash
2) Call build_request_uri
3) RoutingFilter gets called and removes params from the hash depending on the active filters
4) The generated Url gets assigned
5) Action within the tested controller gets dispatched without calling the router
6) Tests see the param hash from step 1 - not the params hash the real router would have generated

Rails 3.2.3 removes step 1, so now some params get lost as they get encoded in the url but not decoded by the router.

The quick and easy workaround is adding = false

to your test_helper.rb or spec_helper.rb. If you are running tests for the routing you can re-enable routingfilter there, the router and thus routing-filter gets called correctly in those tests.


Closing since the cause is in upstream rails, it's not a real bug and a viable workaround is available and documented.

@yabawock yabawock closed this

:+1: Thanks for figuring this out, yabawock!

@alexandred alexandred referenced this issue from a commit in alexandred/music
@josemarluedke josemarluedke fixed issue: svenfuchs/routing-filter#36 6077528
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