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Derp Project


  • Derp is the library.
  • Derper is the loader (runtime) for fully scripted applications.
  • HerpDerp is the editor.

Derp - Engine

Derp is a very simple and yet to be powerful game engine for 2D and 3D games written in D. It is supposed to be a hybrid engine, providing both a D and a Lua interface. Thus it will be possible to write application code both in D (compiled) or Lua (scripted, dynamically loaded and executed with LuaD).


It is planned that derp features

  • 2D and 3D Graphics via OpenGL
  • audio via OpenAL
  • simple, extensible resource loading, with many already supported types (ASSIMP)
  • simple distribution (see also Derper)
  • powerful scene graph with entity/component system
  • full scene serialization (level files etc.)
  • full access to engine API from LUA
  • and probably more

Derper - Loader

Derper is a simple to use loader for fully scripted derp applications. Similar to the distribution method of Löve2D packages, derper will be able to open a package containing all application data. This should make it very easy to distribute (open-source) projects for all supported platforms.

HerpDerp - Editor

HerpDerp is a planned scene graph editor for the derp engine. This subproject has not yet been started.