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KDoc Kirby Theme

Documentation website theme for Kirby CMS.

Check out a demo of it, and learn more about how it works here:

KDoc Screenshot

Setting Up

To run the documentation server, just run:

npm install

Get a coffee ☕️, Then follow it up with:

npm run serve -s

Which should open up your web browser with the documentation. As you make edits, just reload the page and your edits should build automatically.

Writing Docs

You can write the docs by either modifying the content page directly, or by using the built in documentation editor at localhost:8030/panel. This is the recommended method as it supports markdown and kirbytext.

To login just use:

username: svgjs
password: svgjs

(Kirby requires a login since it's a CMS).


To build the docs, navigate to localhost:8030/statify.php, which will build the static files and output a /static folder, by pushing the contents of static to master, the docs will update automagically on the site.

Note that you must be a core collaborator to make these changes, if you would like to submit a pull request, please do so and we will update the docs on our end.

Common Issues

If you run npm run serve -s and encounter any kind of permission denied issue on any particular files, just try deleting your node_modules folder and running npm install again. I have seen this happen a few times, so just look out for it 🙃. Its a permission issue that you can fix by just upgrading to a new version.


Documentation and website for SVG.js





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