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Public space to report and vote on bugs and feature requests for
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This is a public space to provide feedback for

The development team will monitor the bugs and feature requests reported here and routinely work on the most active issues.

Please report new bugs and great ideas!

Throw your support behind issues you think are important by giving a thumbs up. And add an issue for anything that's not on the list. But, try to avoid adding duplicates that will fragment feedback and ativity. Remember, we prioritize issues primarily by the number of +1's they receive.

Ready!? ... Give us your feedback HERE.


Additional Details

Here are the lists of issues we'll be working with:

  • In Progress : Issues that we're already working on.
  • Most Popular Unassigned : Issues sorted by +1's. Items at the top are next on our todo list.
  • New Issues : We'll occasionally check this for emergent, serious problems.
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