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Homestead Skeleton

This project is depreciated.

You can now easily install homestead per project

The purpose of this is package is to easily provide the Laravel Homestead Vagrant environment without having to rely on using the homestead command line application. Another use case would be if you do not have / do not want PHP locally installed on your system.

You will at least need composer on your system to use this artisan command. If you do not have / want composer on your local system, copy everything in the files/ folder to the root of your Laravel project.


Add "svpernova09/homesteadskeleton": "1.0.* to your project's composer.json in require-dev. Run composer update Add to app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php register() method:

if ($this->app->environment() == 'local') {

Usage (Laravel)

Once you have followed the installation instructions:php artisan homestead:create.

This is designed to only be run once. If you run the command again you will overwrite files and any changes will be lost. You are free to remove this package from Composer once you have your Homestead files in your project root.

If you would like to specify the name of the virtual machine: (Optional)

This must be a unique or you will get a vagrant warning.

php artisan homestead:create --name=YourName

If you would like to specify the host name of the virtual machine:

php artisan homestead:create --hostname=YourHostName

For further Homestead configuration see Official Documentation

Usage (Non-Laravel)

You don't have to use Laravel to take advantage of this package. You just need to manually copy the files from vendor/svpernova/homesteadskeleton/files to your project root.

Ensure you change in scripts/homestead.rb to something unique.


If you plan on using this in multiple projects or alongside Homestead's normal usage, ensure you change in src/scripts/homestead.rb to something unique.

If you ran php artisan homestead:create the will be something from the Inspire command.

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