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Server-X: A pluggable frontend server built for efficient front-end development
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A pluggable frontend server, it just works


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svrx(server-x) is a platform built for efficient front-end development.


🍻 Serve a static site or SPA in current directory
🐱 Easy to proxy everything
🏈 Auto refresh the page on sources change(inline reload on stylesheets change)
🍀 Powerful plugins: use without installation
🐥 Routing with hot reload: never restart your server
🚀 Toolkit for quick plugin development
🎊 ...

Quick Start

npm install -g @svrx/cli
mkdir example && cd example
echo '<html><body>Hello svrx!</body></html>' > index.html


You can read documentation here.

你可以在 这里 阅读使用文档。


Feel free to raise an issue.


Please see the contributing guidelines.

Providing a new plugin

For contributors planning to write a new plugin, please see the plugin development guide.

👉 See all plugins

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