Demo code for connecting the Raspberry Pi and the Melexis MLX90620 16x4 thermopile array.
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Updates (SVTechie)

  • More details at
  • Original code works for MLX90620, not for MLX90621. Added MLX90621 support.
  • To compile code for MLX90620, please update line number 40 in mlxd.c
  • For enhanced debugging:
    • Please set following debug flags in mlxd.c
      • DEBUG: Prints intermediate debug values
      • DEBUG_TO: Prints information instead of sending to /var/run/mlx9062x.sock
    • Read socket data through following command
      • sudo python


A simple demonstration daemon for the MLX90620/90621 temperature sensors. Based upon the PIIR application by Mike Strean.


Requires Mike McCauley's BCM2835 library. To build, Unzip and run 'make'. The Python demo requires numpy, skimage, cv2 and some other stuff. See the demo 'import' lines for details.


Run mlxd as root. It will create the file /var/run/mlxd.sock. This FIFO conatins a buffer of the temperature data as an unsigned short int in hundredths of a degree Kelvin. To use it read the FIFO and consume in 128 byte chunks. See for an example.

To test run the script. (Requires the usual math/imaging libraries, cv2, skimage, numpy, etc.)


This code is a demo for educational purposes. Bugs can be reported to


0.1.0 - Initial release


The daemon portion of this demo is based upon the PIIR application by Mike Strean -

The routine used to align the IR image comes from Dr. Neil Yager's excellent article on disguise detection -

Also, as a programmer I stand on the shoulders of all those who came before me just as my code sits on top of the libraries they wrote. Thousands of people whose names I will never know helped write this... ;-)