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Rincewind: A boilerplate for React + PostCSS (with Tailwind) + TypeScript
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Rincewind: Create React Apps with Parcel + React + PostCSS (with Tailwind) + TypeScript

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$ npm install -g rincewind
$ rincewind # or rw

By default it creates the new app in a directory called rincewind-app. If you want to specify the folder name, add an extra arg: rw create myapp

Once you have a scaffolded app, cd into the project and then either run:

  • rw build for a production build
  • rw serve for local development. (aliases for this: rw dev or rw develop)

rw is just an alias for rincewind, you can use rw interchangeably everywhere except with npx



rincewind create

Aliases: rw create

Creates a Rincewind app. Only basic template available for now. You can pass an arg or a -d flag to specify the name of the directory it creates.

$ npm install -g rincewind
$ rincewind # or rw

These all also do the same thing

  • npx rincewind creates a rincewind app without install
  • rw init
  • rw create
  • rw init myapp
  • rw create myapp
  • rw init -d myapp
  • rw create -d myapp

rincewind serve

Aliases: rw dev, rw develop

Locally serve a rincewind app for development.

rincewind serve

These all also do the same thing

  • rw serve
  • rw dev
  • rw develop

rincewind build

Aliases: rw build

Build a Rincewind app for production.

rincewind build

These all also do the same thing

  • rw build


Name and History

v0-v2 of this package was a different project, run by over from 2013-2016 kindly handed this project over to swyx in Nov 2019, because of his deep love of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and its bumbling Wizzard.

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